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5 Marketing Tools Your Business Should Be Utilizing in 2021

Updated: May 18, 2021

Digitally marketing your business is non-negotiable in 2021. And while some businesses think they are doing all they can to reel in customers, many are missing the mark and losing customers to competition. These five tools should not be ignored, as they each have a serious impact on your brand and the number of people exposed to it. They can't spend their money at your shop if they don't even know about it.

1. A Website

In this digital age, more and more customers are finding the businesses they support via the internet. Without a sales channel in this competitive space, you could be losing a significant chunk of your target market to a competitor. 46% of Google searches are for local businesses. Google bots scour the internet for high quality web links to present in a list to the searcher. Without a website, your business will likely be overlooked, and as far as the customer is concerned, doesn’t even exist.

2. Social Networks

Along with a website, social platforms are crucial for interacting with and informing consumers about your brand. While not all platforms are suitable for every business, some of the top are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok (yes, it’s for more than little dancy dances and ridiculously efficient at getting your content in front of as many people and as quickly as possible.

3. Google My Business

Often referred to as GMB, this information given directly to Google helps create the panel of information given to people who search for your business (and those similar to it.) In a perfect world, you want your business’ information to be the result Google offers to those who search keywords, or a set of highly searched words connected to the business you operate. This could be burger restaurants, streetwear clothing shops or a hair salon. The Google game is a fast-paced and competitive one where the stakes are high.

4. SEO

How do you ensure that your website is the one presented to a customer’s search? This is called search engine optimization, SEO for short. This refers to the ever-changing rules Google creates in attempt to rank everything on the internet for authority, validity, and relevance to a user’s search query. Strategies that follow these rules to result in a better ranking are called white-hat tactics. Those that go against these rules in attempt to beat the algorithm are referred to as black-hat and often result in severe action from Google moderators.

5. Reviews (Good AND Bad)

As far as the internet is concerned, all press is good press. At least when it comes to reviews. Of course, overall you want your business to have positive reviews. But even the negative ones are an excellent chance to receive feedback from customers and show to others how your brand responds to negative comments. How you respond, and making sure that you do, is far more important than a couple upset reviewers. Authenticity is key.

Regardless of where your business or brand is at in its marketing journey, my specialized skills and expertise in SEO and digital marketing allow for seamless collaboration with owners to meet their customized and unique needs. Familiarity with alternative industries means you get the results you deserve, from someone who understands customer behaviors. Click here to view the full list of consulting services offered.

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